Animal Turn-in Requirements

Bringing Animals to the Shelter

Animals are accepted at the Joshua Tree No-Kill Shelter on a space-available basis. No one should bring an animal to the Shelter without first talking to the manager to determine if there is room and if the animal is adoptable.

Turn-in Process

Before bringing an animal to the shelter, please contact us to discuss the situation. Our team will assess the animal’s adoptability and available space at the shelter. This ensures that we can provide the best care possible for the animal and that we have the resources to accommodate them.

About Us

From our humble beginnings to becoming a beacon of no-kill advocacy in the region, get to know the Joshua Tree No-Kill Shelter. Read about our mission, history, and the dedicated team behind our success.

Turn-in Fees

To cover the costs of caring for incoming animals, the Morongo Basin Humane Society charges turn-in fees. These fees help support our operations and ensure that we can continue to provide quality care for all animals in need. The fees vary based on factors such as the animal’s species, age, and reproductive status.

Behavior Evaluation Form

If you are planning on turning a dog in to us, please fill out our Behavior Evaluation Form. This helps us better understand the dog’s behavior and needs, allowing us to provide appropriate care and placement.