Continue Supporting Animal Welfare Even After You’re Gone.

Legacy Donation Program

Including the Morongo Basin Humane Society in your final giving plans allows you to enjoy the benefits of a charitable gift while making a powerful statement about your love of animals as well as your belief in the concept of “no-kill”. The Board, Staff, Volunteers, and especially our canine and feline residents, thank you for considering making a Legacy Donation.

Planning Your Legacy

We understand that legacy planning is a deeply personal decision that requires careful thought and planning. We recommend consulting with your financial advisor, attorney, or estate planner to ensure that your wishes are accurately reflected and legally sound. They can help you navigate the options and determine the best way to make your legacy donation.

For more information about the Legacy Donation Program, or to notify us of your intent to make a legacy donation, please contact Kathy Ashkins at Your inquiry will be handled with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

How to Make a Legacy Donation

Your legacy can take many forms, each offering its own way to contribute to the ongoing mission of the Morongo Basin Humane Society, which operates the Joshua Tree No-Kill Shelter. Here are some of the ways you can include us in your legacy planning:

  • Wills and Living Trusts: Naming the Morongo Basin Humane Society in your will or living trust can be in the form of cash, securities, real estate or other types of property. These bequests can be for a specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate, and they can be unrestricted or directed to a specific program or service at the Joshua Tree No-Kill Shelter.
  • Retirement Plans: The Morongo Basin Humane Society can be named as the beneficiary of most pension, profit sharing, 401K, IRA, and other retirement plan accounts.

  • Life Insurance Policies:The Morongo Basin Humane Society can be named as the beneficiary of a paid life insurance policy. Paid policies are the most effective gift in that neither the donor nor the Morongo Basin Humane Society has any responsibility for making future premium payments.
  • Other Assets: A gift of cash or appreciated securities to establish a charitable gift annuity may also be made.

There are also other types of donations such as Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Leads Trusts, and Gifts of Retained Life Interest, and, as with the above-mentioned options, please consult with your plan administrator, financial advisor and/or tax advisor in advance of making this decision.

The legal name of our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is the Morongo Basin Humane Society. Our Tax ID Number is FEIN 23-7398947.

Your Legacy of Kindness

Once you have completed your final giving plans, please let us know by completing and returning a Statement of Testamentary Provision, available through your financial advisor.

Let Us Thank You

If you’ve already included the Morongo Basin Humane Society in your final giving plans, please let us know by contacting Kathy Ashkins at so we may thank you for your thoughtfulness.