Ensuring Care Beyond Your Lifetime

Love For a Lifetime Program

We don’t want you to worry….the Morongo Basin Humane Society’s “Love For A Lifetime” program was created exclusively for Legacy Donors (with a minimum gift of $10,000) and allows them to designate the Joshua Tree No-Kill Shelter as caregivers for the pets who outlive them.

Program Overview

Your beloved pets will arrive at the Joshua Tree No-Kill Shelter and treated like the VIPs (Very Important Pets) they are. We want you to feel comfortable knowing your cherished pets are well cared for and will go on to another loving home or remain at the shelter being pampered for the remainder of their lives.Up to two pets can be surrendered when donors enter a long-term care facility, hospice program, or after a donor passes away.

  • VIP Treatment: Enrolled pets are given the highest level of care, including access to our foster care program if appropriate, along with any necessary veterinary care.
  • Personal Attention: Our dedicated staff and volunteers focus on minimizing stress and anxiety for your pets through personal attention, grooming, regular exercise, and ample socialization opportunities.
  • Adoption into Loving Homes: For pets that are healthy and adoptable, efforts are made to place them with families where their lifestyle and needs are met, ensuring they transition into their new homes as seamlessly as possible.
  • Foster Care Program: Pets showing signs of stress, those not immediately adoptable, or at the specific request of the donor, enter our foster care program which provides a nurturing environment until they are ready for adoption.

How to Enroll

Enrolling your pets in the Love For a Lifetime program involves a few important steps to ensure that your wishes for their care are clearly understood and can be acted upon when the time comes.

  • Estate Planning: Include provisions in your will or estate planning documents, designating the Joshua Tree No-Kill Shelter to care for your pets under the Love For a Lifetime program.
  • Minimum Gift and Documentation: Name the Morongo Basin Humane Society as a beneficiary of your estate with a minimum gift of $10,000, and provide a copy of the document(s) to: The Morongo Basin Humane Society, P.O. Box 1234, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, Attention: Kathy Ashkins, or contact Kathy at ashkins.kathy@gmail.com.
  • Communication: Inform your executor, family members, friends and neighbors that you have enrolled in the “Love For A Lifetime Program, and instruct them to contact the Joshua Tree No-Kill Shelter when the time comes. We will work with them to start caring for your pet as soon as possible.

A Promise of Love and Care

We understand the importance of providing continuous care and love for pets, even in their owners’ absence. Through the Love For a Lifetime program, we promise to honor your legacy by giving your pets the care, respect, and love they deserve, for the rest of their lives.