Our Mission

The MBHS is committed to the purpose of caring for and arranging for the adoption of animals in need, providing humane education, advancing the reduction of the homeless animal population through spay and neuter, and encouraging the humane treatment and extended life of animals through involvement in our community!

Our History

The story of the Joshua Tree No-Kill Shelter began in 1972 amidst a growing crisis of homeless and abandoned pets in the Morongo Basin. It was Kay Baker, a dedicated animal lover and the operator of Hi-Dez Kennels, who donated a 3.5-acre property in Joshua Tree to the newly formed Morongo Basin Humane Society. This generous act led to the shelter’s official opening in 1981. Over the years, despite facing challenges, the shelter has thrived with the support of our community, evolving into a recognized no-kill shelter in 2005.

Today, we stand proudly as the Joshua Tree No-Kill Shelter, a testament to our enduring commitment to saving lives and nurturing the bond between humans and animals.

Our Team

Our team is our strength and is comprised of passionate individuals who bring their expertise, compassion, and dedication to work every day. Led by a committed Board of Directors, along with Shelter Manager Angel Donohue, and a small team of employees and volunteers, we work together to create a safe, loving environment for the animals in our care.

Jennifer Jungwirth


Glen Harris

Vice President

Tom Snell


Kathy Ashkins


Gayle Anderson


Robyn Celia


Donna Davies


Lee Joseph


Mimi Mitz

Director Emeritus

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Join Us

As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to our no-kill mission with the support of our community. Whether through adopting, fostering, or donating, there are countless ways to join us in making a difference.